The Saint Hotel New Orleans

The Saint Hotel New Orleans  in the world famous  French Quarter is a modern celebration of New Orleans’ historic role as the birthplace of jazz. Located two blocks away from the early jazz clubs frequented by legendary performers such as Louis Armstrong, Buddy Bolden and Jelly Roll Morton, The Saint Hotel provides inspiring interior spaces on a grand scale and delights its visitors with whimsical yet reverential acknowledgements of the rich history of our beloved New Orleans. Whether you’re in need of a well-deserved escape from the rigors of everyday life or mixing business with pleasure, this French Quarter gem is an oasis of possibilities where anything goes and your adventure awaits. Repent, convert & let The Saint Hotel make a believer out of you… sinners also welcome!


Situated on the corner of Canal and Burgundy Streets, The Saint Hotel offers a peek into the past. Known as the Audubon Building, the original structure was built in 1909 and is noted for its architectural and historical significance. It was originally constructed as a hotel; an ambition which was never realized. The building was later converted into office spaces with ground floor retail.


The building was occupied as offices until early 2004 when the interior demolition commenced. Work ceased in 2005 and the property had remained untouched until Canal Street Lodging, LLC purchased the building in 2010 and began renovations and construction.